Battery Pack Reconditioning

Battery Reconditioning Process

Battery reconditioning is a maintenance process used to increase the usable battery pack capacity and extends its service life. Battery reconditioning is not a one-time event. If performed once and never repeated, the benefits of battery reconditioning will be short lived. Proper battery reconditioning as a recurring maintenance process can significantly extend the service life of the hybrid battery pack.

The battery reconditioning process is performed by first charging & balancing the battery pack with a high voltage trickle charger. Then a Battery Discharger is connected to the battery to provide load that discharges the battery. The battery is carefully discharged well below the level that the vehicle would allow during normal operation. This deep discharge drains the battery beyond the voltage depression “floor” to break down the memory effect within the cells. As this happens, material is recovered within the cells and the usable capacity increases. After the deep discharge is complete, the trickle charger is reconnected to the battery to charge the cells back to full and rebalance them again. Ideally, this charge -> discharge -> charge process is repeated three times for maximum benefit. Increases in usable battery capacity of 15%-25% or more are common.

During the reconditioning of hybrid and electric vehicle battery process, we remove the battery from your car and using specialized equipment we test all the cell modules for internal resistance, capacity, and cell load. The results from these tests help us to diagnose the cell module and determine if individual cell modules are in good condition and if they are some that require to be replaced, they are replaced. After replacing the degraded modules, we breakdown the memory effects that builds up over time. The battery is then run through a number of deep charge and discharge cycles. This helps in the cycling and balancing the cell charges which in return rejuvenates the cells hence bringing them to the best performance possible. We then return the battery to your vehicle.

Battery reconditioning helps resolve the following diagnostic trouble codes: Toyota Prius: P0A80, P3006, P3017, P3018 Honda Insight/Fit/Civic: P1433, P1447, P1449, P1600, P07AF. We are the only garage in Kenya that has the capability to perform hybrid vehicle battery reconditioning and we never take advantage of this. Visit us and you will receive value for your money.