Why Owning a Plug in Hybrid or an Electric Vehicle is cheaper than you Thought

Plug in hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) eliminate nearly every common repair and maintenance need explaining why you need to shift to a plug-in or electric vehicle. Here’s how:

No More Timing Belt

Until very recently, there were some expensive to maintain and repair systems in Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. For example, the timing belt. In most plug in hybrid and electric vehicles the pricey and expensive to maintain belts have been replaced with a timing chain that requires no maintenance.

No Accessory Belt

Those who have owned ICE vehicles know that the accessory belt was still a pain in the neck. It drive the alternator, AC compressor, and water pump. Let us break those items down and see how electric cars have eliminated the maintenance of every one of them, and therefore does not need an accessory belt.

Heat Pump HVAC System

In place of a compressor, PHEV and EV HVAC systems use a high-efficiency heat pump system. It requires no drive pulley to operate. The water pump is electrically driven and has no maintenance requirements.

No More Alternators

Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles use a DC to DC converter, and a charging unit to keep the 12V battery. The DC to DC converters use the power of the traction battery to keep the 12 Volt accessory battery charged. They have no moving parts.

No More Transmission Fluid Changes

Most EVs use eCVT transmission. It has proven extremely reliable. One interesting part of the proven electronic transmission is that it eliminates the need for routine transmission fluid changes. In most of these vehicles, the transmission fluid is designed to last the life of the vehicle. However, those owners who wish to change it proactively can. For those who may tow and carry heavy loads frequently, every car manufacturer has a recommended mileage after which the fluid can be replaced. Further, the engine coolant in most PHEV is designed to last over 160,000 km.

No More Tune-Ups

In the old days of ICE vehicles, a tune-up would involve distributor caps, frequent spark plug changes, and carburetor service. Those days have been gone for over a decade. Distributor caps and carburetors are long gone, replaced with no-maintenance or low maintenance systems. Spark plugs in vehicles have a change interval of over 150,000 km.

No Power Steering Fluid Changes

Old-school ICE vehicles require power steering fluid changes. Every EVs, now uses an electric motor to drive power steering, and there is no maintenance required.

You now know that a plug in hybrid or an electric vehicle will serve you better than the conventional internal combustion engine vehicle. If you need more information on plugin hybrids and electric vehicles, contact us or visit our website.