Forget About Battery Replacement Cost. Buy that Hybrid Vehicle.

One of the most common thing that puts off Kenyans when they think of owning a hybrid or electric vehicles is the battery replacement cost. Depending on the make and model of the car, these batteries can cost tens to hundreds of thousands. That is a big chunk of change no matter how you look at it.

Advanced Battery Technology

Fortunately, the advancement in battery technology has allowed the batteries to have a very long life span. As a result, cars are clocking over 300,000 km without having to replace the battery.

High Mileage and Lucrative Warranties

Toyota, for instance, states that the battery packs in its hybrids put in more than 290,000km in testing. In the 2020 Toyota Lexus fully electric vehicle, Toyota is offering a 10 years or 1million kilometer warranty. This should tell you about the confidence that the automakers have on these batteries. The same should extend to us as consumers.

This report, the Toyota Prius has had less than 0.003 percent battery failures since it was introduced in 2001. Many Ford and Toyota hybrids have reported logging 400,000 km and more without having to replace the battery. The chances are good that you will have to replace the car (or will just be ready to buy a new car) before you have to incur the battery replacement cost.

Further, on top of Fuel, you save a lot on maintenance as well and in the end, the cost of owning that hybrid or electric car over say five years will be very low as compared to the conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Cheaper Options

In the unfortunate event that the battery does fail before you are ready for a new car, we got your back covered and you do not have to incur the full battery replacement cost. We have a variety of batteries for you to choose from depending on your budget. You do not have to buy a new battery if your budget does not allow you to. We have reconditioned and used batteries that come at a price lower than the new ones and they still have a ton of charge cycles still left.