Hybrid Vehicles Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Requires Highly Qualified Technicians

One of the worries around owning a hybrid or an electric vehicle is the question on its service and maintenance. Hybrid and electric vehicles should be cheap to maintain as compared to their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts.

The main reason for this is that in the ICE vehicles, the engine is the component that demands a lot of care and hence the frequent need for servicing. For the hybrid cars, the engine is assisted by the high voltage electric motor and hence its frequency of maintenance over a given period is less compared to that of a vehicle running on engine purely.

However, as an electric or hybrid car owner, you must be very careful with who services your vehicles since the few services required need to be done with a lot of professionalism considering that the vehicles are significantly different from the conventional ICE vehicles.For this reason you should always take your vehicle for service and maintenance to a garage with highly skilled technicians.

Service and Maintenance Activities

When you bring your vehicle for maintenance to us, we perform the following checks on top of the usual servicing activities on ICE vehicle:

  • Diagnostic hybrid battery health check.
  • Inverter coolant check charging port and High Voltage cables integrity check.
  • Power steering fluid and coolant levels checks brake binding check.
  • Cabin filter check (after about 2yrs).
  • Brake hydraulic fluid check (after about 2yrs).
  • Deep charge & discharge cycles with cell balancing when your battery starts to show signs of cell aging and poor gas mileage and vehicle performance.
  • Hybrid Batteries tune-ups.
  • Checking the dedicated cooling systems (high voltage circuit generate plenty of heat hence the need for the dedicated cooling system).