Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Diagnosis

On Board Diagnosis (OBD II) Explained

On Board Diagnosis (OBD) as the name suggests, is a vehicle’s on-board diagnosis system that allows the vehicles internal computer to monitor the major engine functions, electrical conditions and vehicle emissions using sensors and transducers. When a vehicles sensor detects an error, which is usually in the form of a reading that is out of a specified range, a message, which is in the form of a trouble code, is triggered and stored in vehicle’s internal computer. The computer will keep monitoring the car and if the trouble code is triggered for more than three drive cycles, the computer prompts a light on the dashboard to illuminate to notify the driver. The light could be check engine, ABS, traction control etc.

The function of OBD Scan Tool (Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools)

Ones the drivers notes the light, the ask for the can to be scanned using the OBD II Scan Tool. What the scan tool does it to read these trouble codes. The trouble codes (which are usually a combination of letters and number, 5 characters in total) give the mechanic or auto shop technician a direction for them take while troubleshooting the cars problem.

Mechanics Turned into Parts Changers

Unfortunately, the entry of the scan tools into the Kenyan market turned our mechanics into mere parts changers because they read the description of the trouble code and ones they see the mention of a part, the immediately fire the parts cannon and ask for the replacement of that part. This is however, a wrong approach to automotive diagnosis. This approach has frustrated many car owner in Kenya who keep on changing this and that parts trying to address the same issue.

How to do Automotive Diagnosis

At N Seal Auto Garage, we take the results of the scan and use it as only a guide to troubleshooting after which we conduct scientific tests that is founded on our sound understanding and knowledge of the engineering behind the automotive systems. By following this approach, we are able to eliminate the possible causes of the problem and what remains is the only thing that could be wrong with your. We confirm that that particular part is the root cause of the problem and then fix it. We never recommend any parts change until we have confirmed that the part is faulty.

Further, after the repair, we always verify the fix scientifically, to prove that the fix is conclusive. Our scientific approach to diagnosis and repair gives us the confidence to offer money back guarantee and any wrong parts change call that we make.