We Specialize in the Maintenance, Diagnosis, and Repair of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

Hybrid Vehicles Diagnosis

We understand the complexity of electric and hybrid vehicles and we therefore carry out diagnosis with the highest level of professionalism possible leaving no chance to trial and error method of troubleshooting

Battery Pack Reconditioning

Before having to replace your battery pack, while it still has so many cycles to go, consider reconditioning it and enjoy the full services of the battery at only a fraction of what it would cost you to replace the battery

Battery Pack Replacement

Your hybrid or electric car battery has a specified number of recharge cycles and ones it hits that number it has to be replaced.

Hybrid Vehicles Service and Maintenance

There is a general misconception that the maintenance of hybrid and electric vehicles is more like that of Internal combustion engines. As an example, hybrid and electric vehicles use electronic braking systems to allow for regenerative braking. They require a different maintenance approach that is why you need a specialized garage to maintain your car.

General Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Repair

Like other vehicles, hybrid cars also require repair of other components and systems like the engine, air conditioning system, ABS, steering and suspension, drive-train and transmission system, exhaust system, etc

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