Welcome to the N.S.A Garage.
We are specialist in hybrid, plug in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Our team consists of Automotive Engineers who understand hybrid and electric vehicles, their different systems and components and how they work together to keep your car running. As such, we are able to carry out a professional maintenance, diagnoses and repair on your car.

Our services are based on the knowledge of engineering principles, theories and mechanisms of the automotive systems.

When conducting any diagnosis and hence repair, we approach the problem with a scientific mindset coupled with sound automotive knowledge to accurately troubleshoot and identify the only thing that could be wrong with your. We never recommend any parts change until we have confirmed that it is the part that is faulty.

After the repair, we always verify the fix scientifically, to prove that the fix is conclusive. It is our scientific approach to diagnosis and repair that gives us the confidence to offer money back guarantee and any wrong parts change call that we make. This is why we call our selves THE CAR MEDICS since we treat your call like a medic treats a patient.

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Why Choose Us


We are bringing to you invaluable experience gathered over years of learning and working on hybrid and electric cars.


A background in Mechatronic Engineering guarantees you that we have the required knowledge to work on your car professionally.

Value for money

We value your hard earned money that is why we offer you a money back guarantee on any wrong parts change call.


We guarantee professionalism while delivering all our services.